In The Elegant Tapestry Of Life Dogs and Cats Weave Threads Of Unconditional Love, Making Every Moment A Masterpiece.

Elephant Pendant Necklace

Elephant Pendant Necklace

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Majestic in its strength, the wise and loyal Elephant stands strong upon the elegant yet practical outline of this stainless-steel pendant necklace.

This environmentally-free material reflects the impressive intelligence of these noble beasts while remaining as lasting as their ivory tusks. You might even display this as a sign of the intense devotion you have to your family, just as the Elephant cares for its brood.

  • 50mm long elephant head outline pendant
  • Origami geometric style
  • Elegant yet minimalist
  • Adjustable 45cm stainless-steel chain
  • 2 secure loops clasps
  • Eco-friendly lead-and-nickel free material