In The Elegant Tapestry Of Life Dogs and Cats Weave Threads Of Unconditional Love, Making Every Moment A Masterpiece.

How To Grieve: The Loss Of Your Furry Companion

1. Take the Time to Mourn

Understanding the importance of acknowledging this loss is crucial for navigating the journey of grief and safeguarding your emotional well-being. Equally essential is giving yourself the time needed to mourn and process these emotions. There is not a time limit to mourning. 

2. Overlook Feeling Guilty

If you are feeling guilty about your pet’s death, accept it. Avoiding this feeling will simply amplify your grief and pain. Understand that it is common, and almost all pet owners have had this, irrespective of the cause of the loss. You feel responsible for their health, food, sleep, everything, and so you put yourself in the wrong for their death, too. Accepting that there was no way out to keep them alive forever can surely help you calm down.

3. Combat Anxiety Naturally

As many people do, you may experience loss of sleep or troubled sleep due to feelings of loneliness, anxiety, and pain of losing your pet. Sometimes, your routine and a hectic lifestyle may not allow you adequate sleep and overcome such grief as well. In this case, you can consult a healthcare professional about various natural remedies. Looking for medical assistance is in no way absurd. You have suffered a loss and want to put your life back on track.

4. Write About Your Trauma

It may seem a bit of insanity to create a journal and write down feelings, but it helps immensely.  Psychologically, writing down thoughts or unfiltered feelings releases the energy and enables you to feel light in your heart. Also, you can add pictures of happy moments with your pets and keep them like your most prized possession. Additionally, you can write a letter to your pet and express your feelings as if they can hear you like they used to do when alive. Sharing your grief and memories can help process the pain of losing a pet. Other than writing, try connecting with nature or a calm place for meditation, there are many ways to help. 

5. Create a Memorial for Your Pet

Pain heals with time. Although some losses have no replacement, you can compensate for the grief by creating a memorial from the cremated remains. You can also set aside a special place for your pet’s belongings, like collars, favorite toys, or tags. Visiting or viewing the memorial will help you overcome grief by going down memory lane.

Final Thoughts

Losing a pet is always terrible and heart-wrenching. Unfortunately, we can’t control when they will cross the rainbow bridge. All we can do is make the time and the journey beautiful and memorable while they are here, and remember it takes time to heal. 


You'll Meet Me In The Light

I know that you can't see me

but trust me I'm right here.

Although I'm up in heaven,

my love for you stays near.


So often I see you crying,

many times you call my name.

I want so much to lick your face

and ease some of your pain.


I wish that I could make you see

that Heaven indeed is real.

If you could see me run and play

how much better you would feel.


But our loving God has promised me

that when the time is right,

you'll step out of the darkness

and meet me in the light.